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A Purpose Driven Life - Chapter 30

A Purpose Driven Life Chapter 30 - Our Place in Serving

Chapter Overview:  Rick has an acrostic that he is using on this chapter and the next - SHARE. The first letter was spirit. Rick wrote about how all of us are giving spiritual gifts by God. We can't add more to them or retract them. We need to be aware of what they are and exercise them for gods glory. The second letter was Heart. Was the first letter service?
Serving God with heart and passion

2011 (40 years old)

The basic jest I got out of this chapter was there are things that you inherently have a passion for. And because you are passionate about them, you are good at them and working at them is not a bore or a drain for you. These are part of the heart purpose that God has put in you.

Yesterday Jim and I were comparing notes on transformation at work as the ERCB (the company I was contracting at back then) is going through a big transformation in IT. Many people including us don't know exactly where this transformation is going, what their involvement will be, who and what all the new people are, and why they are all required. It seems like a lot of resources for change. What is our target - do we have tangible results that we can shoot for to say we have achieved a successful transformation. Currently a lot of titles have changed, but the people in the roles seem the same or no improvement...

2016 (45 years old)

God never wasted anything. 'God works through different people in different ways, but it is the same God who achieves his purpose through them all'. 1 Cor 2:6. In what ways can I see myself passionately serving others and loving it?  Music in a band, playing piano at the hospital. Teaching. Writing. Hacking?  Where am I the most enthusiastic?  'Whoever does not have the spirit cannot receive the gifts that come from the God' Spirit'. 1 Cor 2:14. I need the spirit of God moving in my life, manifested in love. Without it I am nothing, and I'm just noise.

For background on what these 'Purpose Driven Life' posts are about, click this link.

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