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A Purpose Driven Life - Chapter 16

A Purpose Driven Life Chapter 16 - What Matters Most

Chapter Overview:   God is love and that is our most important priority - to be and show love to others. Rick said life is about relationships - 4 of the 10 commandments were about relationship with god; the other 6 were about relationship with others. He also wrote how dying people know what the proper priorities are - on their death bed they don't say 'I want to see this diploma or that award or the book I wrote'. They want to see their family. Rick also made a correlation between time and love. Particularly in the context of families and family life. Love is our first priority; time is our most valuable resource. Rick also spoke on the challenge of the church learning to love each other - they will know us by our love.  It's not love our doctrine first and them others. 

Relationships matter most - black and white image of big and small hands together touching

2011 (40 years old)

I had a good lesson/parable in this yesterday.  A bunch of us were going to lunch walking through the +15 and a blind man was trying to navigate through the hotel. The hotel on that floor is literally like a maze and so he had to go slow and was holding people up. How hard would it have been to ask if he wanted help through? I could have just caught up to the guys later. 'if you've done it unto the least of these you've done it unto me.'

2016 (45 years old)

Life is all about love.  Honestly are relationships my first priority? No. How can I ensure that they are?  Time, focus, effort. I certainly learned that this weekend with my big discussion with Ewa. Erik was like 'you guys talked for like 4 hours.'  It's wasn't pleasant talking either. But it ended up good. I realized I need to be more concerned and in tune with where she is at spiritually (and probably in general). It's NOT all about leaving behind a legacy of stuff. Like Rick said - people don't want their diplomas and money beside them when they die. Make right choices and spent time where and when it matters.

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