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A Purpose Driven Life - Chapter 15

A Purpose Driven Life Chapter 15 - Part of God's Family

Chapter Overview:  Rick talks about how we are adopted onto God's family and what that means for us.  We belong. We have an inheritance. God is our daddy and everything is his. He talked about what baptism means in this context.  

2011 (40 years old) 

I had am interesting dream last night. It was the first night I've slept through in a long time. First we had David and Dana P. (from Texas) visiting us and there was water in the basement - but that seemed ok as we also had heat elements in the basement floor and we were cooking sausages for supper. Then we were on a bus with a bunch of people in the mountains and I kept telling the bus driver to go faster and he did. It was rather fun. Then he drove onto the ocean by Vancouver with waves and big rock cliffs. The bus floated and the bus driver loved it because he had never seen the sea before. Then we were eating at a restaurant in Vancouver and watching these divers. They were doing these tricks where they'd do a jump that looked like a dive but they'd land on another board and jump on that one too. It was pretty cool looking. We had a large tab at the restaurant but that was ok.  

Part of God's family - dream of being by the ocean
The point of it all was 'this is kind of what it's like' to love and enjoy life without fear. It was a most excellent feeling. We (I) live so much always considering the consequence of my decisions. This wasn't like that at all. There wasn't really a fear of anything. I wondered if there was supposed to be a correlation there to what it is supposed to be like as a child of God.

Thinking a bit about what it means to walk with God in confidence - that's totally some thing I can not do  I think those passages in Ephesians 1 and Colossians 1 are key to being able to do this.  Being able to walk in the wisdom of God and know what His good and perfect will is. Can you know and walk in confidence of that knowledge?  George Hill certainly seemed to be able to.

2016 (45 years old)

How can I start treating other believers like members of my own family?  Make them feel like they belong. Accept them.  Smile.  Remember, they might be intimidated by me as much as I feel intimidated by some of them.

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