Some time ago, I felt like God was asking me, "Do you set aside some time during your week to remember me?  Not just remember me, but all the things I have done for you?  And not just lately, but throughout your life?  Do you enjoy talking with others about those things that I have done for you?"

Isaiah 58 is an interesting chapter of the Bible, especially in the Living Translation.  In verses 13, 14 Isaiah says, "If you keep the Sabbath holy, not having your own fun and business on that day, but enjoying the Sabbath and speaking of it with delight as the Lord's holy day, and honouring the Lord in what you do, not following your own desires and pleasure, nor talking idly-..."

Am I intentional about good conversations?

Remembering what God has done for me builds my faith.  It also keeps me from making bad choices.

It was an integral part of life for the people of Israel.  They often set up 'memorials' to remind themselves and their children of what God had done for them at a particular place and time. Examples I can think of off the top of my head where people in the Bible did this are Jacob after his dream, and Joshua after he led the people across the river Jordan into the Promised Land.  There were even festivals in the Bible that were instituted for the purpose of remembering - Purim (in the book of Esther), and of course, the Passover.

So what is this page and collection of posts about?  Consider it and the posts that I link from it below
Remembering God's hand and faithfulness in my life
a 'memorial' of sorts - a section of this blog dedicated to building and maintaining my faith (and hopefully encouraging yours) with stories of what God has done specifically for my family and I.  I hope you find it up-lifting.

In rough chronological Order:
  • Car Accident with Grandpa
  • Getting Lost on the Ferry
  • The Bike Accident
  • Sparks and Smoke at the Sawmill
  • Rolling the Truck
  • The Summer after College
  • Kalafi week
  • The Overland Odyssey to Texas from B.C.
    • hitting the dog
    • a broken Subaru
  • The Missing Word (I didn't get one)
  • VBS in Texas - A Fishing Story
  • India
  • Europe & Marriage 
    • The Bad Passport
    • Vienna (Ewa's surprise & the couple from Brazil)
    • A place to stay while working in Warsaw
  • Slave Lake
    • Back Injury and the Icicle
    • The Lost Gloves
  • Buying Houses
  • Garage Fire and a New Car
  • Jobs in Edmonton
  • Car Fire - Ewa's prayer in fall - we needed a newer car but couldn't afford it
  • Plane Ticket Scam - Ewa's Parents
  • The Print Shop and S.B.
  • Dreams & Answers
    • Ewa's family here in Canada
    • Our First Radium Vacation
  • Move to Calgary and how it worked out to get into Mom and Dad's house
  • Jobs in Calgary
    • CGI
    • SAIT
    • Shaw - getting confirmation and then why I needed confirmation (assumption about how easy the job would be)
    • Bentley Systems and the Covid Transition
  • BCS - how God changed the kid's minds while we were at the open house and what a good place it is for them.
  • Trip to Poland with the family
  • Kornelia's bike accident behind 7/11
  • Trip to California
  • Kornelia's broken leg
    • A Broken Femur
    • Follow-up MRI
  • Erik
    • Key-tones
  • Stroke
  • Me and Anxiety
  • Me and Purpose
    • Playing at the hospital
    • Volunteering @ BCS
      • Worship only chapels
      • The Lost Girl at Bowness Park
  • Kornelia, Fear, Panic attacks, and Grade 12
  • Vacation And Volvos


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