Thursday, March 22, 2018

The First God-Wink (miracle) I Can Remember

Head-On Collision

The very first time I could say that God moved in a miraculous way in my life would have been before I was even old enough to write it down.  I was about 4 and a half, and my brother was a year younger.  Our grandpa had taken us fishing in the morning about a 45 minute drive away from the house.  He liked to speed, and back then seat-belts weren't required to be worn by law - never mind booster seats for kids or anything like that.  The road to the lake was single lane all the way, with passing lanes where it was safe.

At around the time that we were beginning our trip home, my mom, back at home, felt a pressing
My first car accident - police car with lights on
need to pray for our safety, so she did.  Coming home, my brother and I were super interested in playing with our matchbox cars in the back seat on the floor behind the front seats.  It seemed (I don't know the exact details for sure) that Grandpa pulled out to pass a slower car where it perhaps wasn't so safe to do so and we were involved in a head-on collision at full speed.  He was seriously hurt in the collision - he wasn't wearing a seat-belt either.  We didn't really know what had happened, but because we were playing on the floor behind the front seats, we were completely protected and unharmed in the accident - other than the fact that we had both wet our pants.

I believe my Mom's prayer put God's angels into action to move my brother and I into that safe spot in the car so we'd be safe in the wreck.  The ambulance attendants said that if we hadn't been there, it would have been a completely different outcome for us.  God's hand was on us even back then.

I feel strongly that situations like these need to be remembered. We need to realize and be thankful for the times that God has been with us, guarding and protecting us.  I don't want to forget the good things that God has done for my family and I.

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