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May 12, 2020 Feeling Sidelined? Consider Leah

Journal Entry - May 12, 2020Read about Jacob yesterday and thought about it when I woke up last night.  Actually I started thinking more about Leah. I couldn’t help but notice the contrast in how she named her children compared to how Rachel named hers.  She could have easily named her first son 'Vindicated' like Rachel named her first son.  But she didn’t. Instead the names of her boys are more like ‘God sees’, ‘God hears’, ‘God touches’, ‘Praise God’, ‘Lucky’, and ‘Happy’ while Rachel’s boys are ‘Vindicated’, ‘Fight’. Etc.  Leah must have felt unloved/unfavored by Jacob all her life, yet she seemed to see God's involvement, care, and understanding in her life if the names of her boys are any indication. 
When Jacob's clan was meeting Esau, Jacob put Leah and her boys ahead of him and Rachel (as a protective buffer?).  Meanwhile Rachel had idols she stole from her father with her on the camel.  I thought this was a rather interesting contrast in who Jacob's two wiv…

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