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A Purpose Driven Life - Chapter 18

A Purpose Driven Life Chapter 18 - Life is Meant to be Shared

Chapter Overview: Rick began writing about what fellowship means - it's not just going to church or having dinner together. It's really sharing trials, struggles in our lives. He talks about the importance of the size of a group where true fellowship can happen. Any larger than 12 or so and people start getting left out. Rick talks about 4 different kinds of fellowship that we should be
Sharing life - two sets of hands holding a small bowl of tomatoes
involved in:

  1. Mutuality - truly sharing from our hearts
  2. Mercy - learning to forgive and extend mercy to each other. Nobody is perfect. We can't hold grudges whimsy each other if we want to participate in true fellowship. Love covers a multitude if sins...
  3. Sufferings - Rick wrote about the difference between empathy and sympathy. He felt sympathy was the better of the two. We need to be able to extend true sympathy to each other to share in sufferings
  4. I don't remember what Rick called this one - did it have something to do with being face to face or thoughtfully engaged, committed, or have something to do with intimacy? Anyway he did talk a lot about the phrase 'one to another' and how many times it is mentioned in the nt.  It was Authenticity.  Fellowship requires authenticity.

2011 (40 years old)

We had small group this evening and we talked about being transformed and transformation.  A number of testimonies were shared and it was really cool to see how God works - sometimes in a quicker transformation, and sometimes it a long, slow road - sort of like from peak to peak and we get pruned at each peak.  Some of us are caterpillars (quick transformation) and some of us are tadpoles (slower transformation).  Ewa said something interesting though - we are already transformed in God's eyes - we see our life's perspective and change through a dirty window, God sees through a clean one, washed by the blood of Jesus.

2016 (45 years old)

I need others in my life. Experiencing life together. What is one step I can take today to connect with another believer at a more genuine heart to heart level?  Ask Challan how her mom is doing.  I was going to say what's the matter with women, but I think many of us men have the same problem. We're all so busy and preoccupied. I found reading this chapter frustrating. I get the impression that Ewa thinks we have to 'have it all together' before we can lead a small group. Kind of like that outward appearance thing that makes us late for church on Sunday's.

For background on what these 'Purpose Driven Life' posts are about, click this link.

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